Athlos Sports Clubs

Growing lifelong athletes with characteristics of champions for life – in the Mind, Body & Spirit.



We are pumped to invite everyone to our club this year! Last year was a great success & we are looking to continue growing opportunities for our youth.


Athlos wrestling forges lifelong athletes with character traits of a champion on and off the mat.  We foster a spirit tempered with resilience, confidence, humility, creativity, and coachability.  We teach them to refine the lifelong skill of learning and self-development, because winning in life is of utmost importance.  However, we define winning as maintaining the character traits of a champion to victory in life, despite temporary victory or defeat.  Winning is not the temporary hand raise, even after a championship match.  Winning is the way in which we proceed, lead, and succeed despite temporary outcomes.  Wrestling provides us the fires in which we effectively forge, refine, and temper these traits into the next generation of young men to be effective leaders in tomorrow’s society.  These traits will be burned into their minds, their bodies, and their spirits.  This is our vision. This is our greatest legacy. 

Mission Statement

Athlos Club Team: We are forging lifelong athletes for a Higher purpose.

Our Core Values

  • Composed: We are calm, collected, and in control in all circumstances. 
  • Humble: We have a balanced ego.
  • Respectful: We are considerate and gracious to all.
  • Intentional: Every action is by design. 
  • Selfless: We live for a purpose beyond ourselves.
  • Tough: We are tenacious to win and resilient through adversity.

Rules and Expectations

Schedule Overview

First day of practice 12/4/2023 – Elementary/Middle School State 3/26/2024

Tournament Schedule

  • Wildcat Wrestling Youth Tournament in Fruita, CO on 12/17/2023
  • Who’s Bad in Pueblo, CO on 12/30/2023
  • New Mexico National Showdown in Albuquerque, NM on 1/13/2024
  • Wild West Championships in Casper, WY on 1/20/2024
  • Bulldawg Brawl in Palisade, CO on 2/4/2024
  • High School Wrestling State Tournament 2/15-2/17/2024
  • Athlos Wrestling Games at Meeker High School on 2/24/2024
  • Little Warriors Classic in Grand Junction on 3/9/2024
  • Elementary/Middle School Regionals in Grand Junction, CO on 3/16/2024
  • Elementary/Middle School State in Denver, CO 3/22-3/23/2024
  • Other tournaments: as more tournament dates are listed, we will give those to the parents who would like to take their children to extra tournaments.  However, the above tournaments are the core tournaments we will be going to as a team.
  • Christmas break: 12/22/2023 – 1/1/2024 (we will still be going to the Who’s Bad tournament in Pueblo on 12/30)

Weekly Schedule

Monday – Thursday

2 days per week wrestling

2 days per week performing age-appropriate strength and conditioning 

1st-4th graders

Wresting room: Tuesdays & Thursdays

Weight room: Mondays & Wednesdays

5th-8th graders

Wrestling room: Mondays & Wednesdays

Weight room: Tuesdays & Thursdays

Individual Practices

Wrestling room

1st-5th graders: 1 hour and 15 minutes

5th-8th graders: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Weight room

1st-5th graders: 45 to 60 minutes

5th-8th graders: 45 to 60 minutes

Financial Investment

Why the required investment?

Coaches and volunteers for Athlos wrestling are making a commitment to help your young wrestlers grow as individuals.  This is about more than just wrestling, and we are committed to giving you and your wrestlers the best we have to offer.  This is not a babysitting service, and we expect the best you and your wrestlers have to offer in return.  By making a financial investment, you will be more committed to the process and to the season. 

What is the investment?

  • Monthly: $85 per wrestler
  • If you have more than one wrestler in your family, for which you are financially responsible, it will be $70 per each additional wrestler
  • There is no change in the monthly price for “shorter” months with Holidays
  • If you pay in full at the time of sign-up, you get $20 off your first wrestler ($5 off for each of the 4 months)
  • Each wrestler is required to have a team singlet
    • If your wrestler has one that fits from last year, please use that
    • Wrestlers from last year are encouraged to share/trade amongst each other if they have outgrown their singlets
    • RUDIS will be hosting an online store (link below) so you can order your singlets
      • RUDIS is also offering shirts, shorts, and backpacks 
      • However, we are also doing team apparel (except for singlets, which are through RUDIS) through Craft Shack Creations – please reach out to Danae McPherson for details, 970-942-3118,
  • Tournaments and travel
    • Parents are responsible for all tournament fees and traveling

WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY– Please download our 2023-2024 Parents Handbook – Click here.

Sign the Contract as well as the Waiver and Release and send to Justin at

When and how to pay?
Payment is due the first practice day of each month.  Just select which option is best for you and click the link below to get started.

  1. 2023 Wrestling Club – 1 Child – monthly payments ($85)
  2. 2023 Wrestling Club – 2 Children – monthly payments ($155 with discount)
  3. 2023 Wrestling Club – 1 Child – pay in full ($320 with discount)
  4. 2023 Wrestling Club – 2 Children – pay in full ($600 with discount)
  5. 2023 Wrestling Club – 1 Child (Middle School) – 3 month – pay in full (Save $15)

Sponsorship Opportunities

Available sponsorship opportunities?

If the investment above is more than your budget allows, and you remain committed to the process, we will find sponsorship opportunities that you can apply for so your wrestler can still be part of the team.  We do not want financial hardships interfering with your wrestler’s ability to participate and grow as an individual.   Just email Justin at for more info.