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Our Mission – Forging Lifelong Athletes for a Higher Purpose

Dr. Justin Grant, DO.

Athlos Life owner & founder

Justin is a proud Christian, husband, father, physician, and businessman.  He met his wife (coach/co-owner Rebekah Grant) in college while wrestling NCAA Division II in Pueblo, Colorado.  After earning his undergraduate degree, he attended medical school at Rocky Vista University – College of Osteopathic Medicine.  He then went on to complete a residency in family medicine and then an additional year of training in a sports medicine fellowship at Via Christi Family Medicine and Via Christi Sports Medicine, respectively.  Justin and Rebekah were blessed with three children during residency and fellowship.  Throughout their journey, Justin and Rebekah turned to CrossFit style training as an outlet, for health, continued physical competition, and identity.  It was Justin’s long transition from college athlete to physician that created Athlos Life.  Justin believes health and fitness play vital roles in a person’s success, regardless of his or her stage in life.  He has combined his passion for health, fitness, and self-betterment with an evidence-based medical practice to create an evidence-based lifestyle program.  He aims to Honor God by using these gifts to serve his family, friends, patients, and clients.

Rebekah Grant

Athlos Life owner & founder

Coach Rebekah Grant is a proud Christian, mother of four, fitness and health coach, and co-founder/co-owner of Athlos Life with her husband, Justin Grant.  Her passion lies in helping other women, mothers, and moms-to-be overcome the chaos, self-doubt, and ever-evolving roles of womanhood and motherhood.  Coach Grant has, herself, struggled with chronic back pain, fatigue, and the self-image/confidence battles common to a mother’s ever-changing body and never-ending needs of her children.  As she continues to learn, Coach Grant aims to serve other women pursuing excellence, not as a self-proclaimed expert, but as a woman in pursuit of her own excellence.

Teya Raley

Athlos Life scheduling & coordinating

My name is Teya Raley. I am the assistant and scheduler for Athlos Life. I am also a recently certified Medical Assistant in the Sports Medicine and Spine clinic at our local hospital. My most valued and honored job I have though is being a mom and a wife. I take a lot of pride in all these jobs I have and the many hats that I wear.

I am a strong believer in working hard for the things that you want. If you are a loyal servant to God and have a strong work ethic then you will be blessed. God and Jesus have always been my biggest focus, and my greatest drive in life. There is no way that I could be where I am today without Jesus in my corner. I hope to use my life lessons to help people that are going through or have gone through the same things I have in life. To help them find the hope and peace that God has given me.

One of my greatest and most challenging accomplishments are my kids. I had my oldest son when I was 17, but I never let that bring me down or stop me from working hard. If anything he helped push me to always work harder and push myself to be better all the time. I am so proud to see the amazing people my kids are growing up to be. I have 2 sons and a daughter of my own; Ty, Kalee and Rylan. And I have 2 great bonus kids; Braydin and JB. And I am blessed to share this amazing life with my husband, Herb.

I grew up on a ranch and learned what it took to work hard from a young age. I am so thankful for that experience I had growing up. I still to this day go help on my family’s ranch when I am not too busy chasing kids. I still and always will have a deep love for the ranching lifestyle. My parents are the iron that helped forge me into the hard worker that I am today and they also helped show me grace and mercy. They never turned their backs on me, and they helped encourage me to keep moving forward and working hard.

I love working for Athlos Life, this company and the owners have been a big blessing. This company has helped push me mentally and physically. I have accomplished challenges and new obstacles. I have grown in knowledge I didn’t know I would care to know so much about. Such as the importance of taking care of my body, by strength training. If I keep my body strong I am at a lower risk of health issues and injuries down the road. I have a new respect for working out and eating healthy to fuel my body.  I am very grateful to be a part of the Athlos Life team.

Lori Ann Klinglesmith

Athlos Life marketing director

I love promoting Athlos Life because it genuinely has changed my life.
Lori Ann grew up ranching in the mountains of Colorado where she developed a passion for sharing what she loves with others. She believes Athlos Life and the Grant family provided her a God-given opportunity to not only be a part of the Athlos Family, but also represent, promote and live it. Making a difference in the lives around her, and caring for livestock, remain center of how she pursues her Higher Purpose. Lori Ann graduated valedictorian of her class and attended The University of Wyoming and Colorado Mesa University.  
Photo and video art has always been something I love, and to get the opportunity to use my talents to market such an amazing brand, it’s a blessing!