Forging Lifelong Athletes

The Friction Principal


I was asked to write my Athlos Life story. My story is not any different from many of you. I did not have one moment that changed my life. I had many moments and many decisions, habits I had established, that were not working for me. I was NOT happy with the person I was and even more disappointed in the person I was becoming. Growing up I was always taught fitness was something you did to burn calories, to stay skinny, to be accepted and hopefully loved by others. Food and fitness were the enemy that fed my mind. In college, I competed in swimsuit competitions and “worked out” several hours a day to try and find some kind of acceptance for myself. The more I worked out and competed the more I hated myself. I looked DAMN good BUT I was broken, completely broken. I developed an eating disorder that took me years to overcome. I can honestly say I defeated that battle with a lot of support from my husband and friends along the way, but for many years after that, I feared food and fitness.

I continued to use fitness as a way to defeat the battlefield in my mind. I did well BUT I did not do great. I rode this fitness roller coaster. I would be “motivated” and intense THEN I would take several months off where I would fall back into old patterns and old ways of thinking. Fitness was something I did because I thought I had to. I did it alone on days I was motivated and I did not do any when I did not FEEL like it. I am sure some of you can relate to this. Motivation and feelings are the last thing you want to believe when it comes to mind, body and character. My back hurt ALWAYS, I felt drained, stressed and defeated.

Then the Grants moved to town. Acquaintances quickly turned into a friendship. Dr. Grant coached our oldest daughter where she competed in some weight lifting competitions. We quickly noticed a difference in her strength ability. We frequently had conversations with the Grants over dinner about fitness and health. Dr. Grant with his medical knowledge, complemented by his wife and her self-taught knowledge and degree in massage therapy, both truly live health, mind and fitness in every daily decision. They became role models that both my husband and I looked up to.

I decided to see Dr. Grant in his office for my back. He bluntly informed me that I had a “weak core” and that I “jumped like an elephant”. Yes, he said that, no BS with Dr. Grant and that is exactly what I needed. The exercises I had been doing were keeping me “skinny” but they were not building strong muscles, solid joints and a healthy, mobile body. He provided me with several names of books and articles to read in order to educate myself. His wife Rebekah, with her kind, gentle and accepting personality, started me on her “mom” program. She invited me to work out with her on days that my schedule allowed. She was patient and altered everything for me, while still pushing me to my max effort. After I completed her program designed for mothers, I joined another one of their programs, the Spartan program. This program was a step up from the “mom” program but was a step below the Athlos program. I could also still complete the exercises at home where I felt most comfortable at the time. I would only work out at home or with Rebekah because I doubted myself and my capabilities. I let fear and failure hold me back.

My husband and oldest son had started joining Dr. Grant in his garage for intense Athlos workouts every day about the time I started the mom program. They would come home and tell me about the workouts. I told them they were crazy and that there would be no way I could EVER complete workouts like that.

My core was feeling stronger and I had noticeable strength from the past two programs. I started to join Rebekah in the gym more frequently during the summer months. I realized I could do those workouts and after them I felt a sense of accomplishment that is experienced after a crossfit workout. In the fall, I had to return to work and my schedule no longer fit with Rebekah’s schedule. My husband and Dr. Grant encouraged me to join them at the 5:15 a.m. class.
I was beginning to see a change in my husband, he was living fitness alongside Dr. Grant and Dr. Borchard. He was a motor, he was/is strong and he was crushing the workouts. I decided to join, to push fears of failure away and take an uncomfortable risk. I have now been joining them for over a year now. I have had so many personal bests in the gym.
My journey is not over and my journey did not happen overnight. I did not have ONE big moment but many, many choices day in and day out. I have learned that fitness, a strong mind and health is a daily process. Some days are better than others, but everyday matters and every day counts.  Specifically althos Life fitness, has taught me the true meaning of fitness and health. Fitness is not a calorie depletion, it is an act we do each day to show ourselves we can and will do better. We have to be uncomfortable for growth to happen. Pain is part of the process and we have to embrace that pain. I am beyond thankful for the opportunities Athlos Life has given me to embrace pain (in a positive way!).

Dr. Grant and Rebekah are not just coaches that sit on the sidelines and cheer you on, they sweat right beside you. Each workout they create, they complete. Each suggestion they give, they live. Athlos life is in the name itself— it is a “feat”, a “contest” that we do for ourselves, against ourselves to create a balanced mind, body and character. Athlos Life is a community of individuals striving to do better for themselves, while supporting others on their journey along the way. We are all broken people who need to “feat” that brokenness through daily practice.

Athlos Life provides each of us the opportunity to practice getting a stronger—mind, body and character. They do this through positive/honest coaching, monthly book suggestions, encouragement and thoughtful workouts.

I look forward to the ongoing process! Thank you Athlos Life.