Daily Athlos

Evidence-based, Everyday training

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A whole-body exercise program that improves health, longevity & life-performance of any age athlete.

Unique program cycles are written by our sports medicine physician

Dr. Justin Grant, DO.

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Who is Daily Athlos for?
  • The lifelong athlete busy with a full time job and/or a family.
  • The lifelong athlete currently competing who is searching for an off-season, full-body strength & conditioning program.
  • Anyone who has been deemed healthy and safe for general preparedness exercise by his or her healthcare provider.
  • A basic knowledge of safe lifting practices is strongly recommended before starting this program.
What principles guide Dr. Grant when writing Daily Athlos?
  • All movement begins with the spine, supported by the core; and flows to the extremities.
  • Functional movement patterns.
  • Large muscle group recruitment.
  • Regular use of accessory movements for joint & tendon health.
  • Periodization through strength and cardio biases.
  • Variety in loads, tempos, and intensities.
What modalities are used in Daily Athlos?
  • Weight lifting which consists of Olympic lifting, powerlifting, and dumbbells/kettlebells.
  • Bodyweight movements including gymnastics and yoga
  • Running, jumping, rowing, biking, etc.
  • & more